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      Vaser Liposuction, also known as the Vacuum Degreasing method, which is one of the most preferred operations in aesthetic surgery. Operation is suitable for both women and men patients and this method is one of the most popular operations in Istanbul Surgery Club. Vaser Liposuction, which is a more effective method with developed new technology, is now being applied instead of the old and onerous Liposuction method, which was frequently used in the past. It is a preferred application for creating body contours and performing body reduction operations. The unwanted wavy image seen in some other applications does not occur in this technique and can also be used for butt-lifting operations or for shaping the abdomen.


      Vaser Liposuction provides losing unwanted fats locally also it has a rapid healing process and has no side effects such as bruising, swelling or numbness are not seen in the method. High pains and the damage risk is extremely low because of the tissues by sound waves affecting the fat tissues during the procedure. Vaser Liposuction can be applied to almost every part of the body. Having good results, especially when applied to men who have Gynecomastia (Breasts bigger than normal) problem. Vaser Liposuction can also be used for the waist and back body thinning. This is so reliable method, local anesthesia is often applied to the subjects according to preferred application.


      The patient should not take pills which are containing Omega Oils and Vitamin E before the operation. The operation time is approximately 8 hours. It is possible to stand up, walk and take a bath following day after the Vaser Liposuction operation. Patients can return to normal daily life after five days of the operation. It is recommended that the person wear a corset for 2 to 4 weeks and it is very important to massage the area regularly after 10 days so any edema that may occur is eliminated more quickly. Along with the massage, walking around half an hour each day and consuming rich protein and carbohydrate-based foods contribute to the healing process.


      It is possible to get rid of unwanted regional lubrication problems with Vaser Liposuction and it is a very effective method for distributing fat cells in the abdomen, kneecaps or males in the breast area, which especially disturb people. More aesthetic body shape can be achieved with Vaser Liposuction, which is popular with its reliable application. No wavy or distorted images occur. The method used for lift in the butt region also provides a more vigorous, taut arrangement of the abdominal region. After the surgery, which does not leave any damage and the healing process is extremely fast as massage, gait, and corset used during the recovery process which shortens the recovery period. Patients may return their daily routines within a month of the operation.